Korean Missions and Communities in Russia
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Council of Presbyterian Missionaries in Russia
KB 49 Russkaya
59/4 Vladivostok 105
Russia (Europe)
Fax: +7 4232 32 98 17
Address-No.: 1070343

Currently a little over one hundred congregations have come into existence. Sixty-three congregations are led by Koreans, forty congregations by Russians. Membership varies from 40 to 100. The pattern of congregational life is similar to the patterns in Korea. A sizeable group of Koreans lives in Russia. According to the 1989 census Korean-Russians number 457,000. About half of the Korean-Russians continue to regard Korean as their mother tongue and would like to be in touch with the mother country, though they regard Russia as their permanent home. Originally Koreans lived mainly in the Maritime Provinces of Siberia. During the period of Japanese rule many Koreans left their home country. Vladivostok became a center of Korean exile. Today large numbers can be found in Uzbekistan because in 1937 about 200,000 Koreans were deported by Stalin and forced to resettle in Central Russia. Many continue to live in Vladivostok. Since the city is close to North Ko-rea, many North Koreans have found refuge there. In 1991 South Korean mission-aries began to arrive in Vladivostok, and their numbers increased in subsequent years. Today, besides Presb, several other South Korean denominations are represented. Currently there are 23 congregations in the Maritime Province of Russia, eleven in Vladivostok alone. Koreans have started a number of theological schools in Russia. In 1991 Korean missionaries from the USA founded Grace Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Moscow. In the following year missionaries from KoShin and HapDong opened the Presbyterian Theological Seminary for Russia in Moscow; it has recently been placed under the authority of the Council of Presbyterian Missionaries in Russia. In 1994 the Presbyterian Church in Korea set up the Moscow Presbyterian Theological Academy (Elder Lee Hong Rae, 105173 Moscow Savhoz, 1 Maya Dom 11). There are two theological schools in Vladivostok. Other Korean denominations have also established seminaries in Russia.

Address in Moscow: Council of Presbyterian Missionaries in Russia, Rev. Chung-Soo Kang, Chairman, Moscow, Tel: +7 095 307 1768


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