Reformed Ecumenical Council
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2050 Breton Road SE, Ste. 102
Grand Rapids, MI 49546- 5547
United States of America (América del Norte)
Teléfono: +1 616 949 2910
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The Reformed Ecumenical Council (REC) is a council of 39 Reformed and Presbyterian denominations from 25 countries around the world. Founded in 1946, it was first named Reformed Ecumenical Synod, but began calling itself a council in 1988. Its member churches include an estimated ten million Christians. The churches of the REC joined for closer fellowship on the basis of a shared confession of faith. The REC was formed, as its constitution says, to promote "the confessional integrity and well-being of its member churches in a continuing reformation in teaching and life, and to present to the world and to other churches a united and uniting witness" of our historic Christian faith. Membership is open to all churches that agree with the Basis and Purpose of the REC, and that strive to build their church life on the foundation of one of several Reformed confessions.
The REC holds an Assembly every four years. Between assemblies, an Executive Committee acts for the council in policy and major decisions. A permanent secretariat handles the daily business of the Council. Four major commissions assist the member churches to cooperate in the areas of human relations, mission and diakonia, theological education, and youth and Christian nurture.
The REC publishes a quarterly journal, the REC Focus, to share the work of the four commissions. As each assembly assigns tasks to the commissions, reflection on the issues is shared in the Focus.
The REC\'s secretariat is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The secretariat produces a monthly News Exchange to enhance communication among the member churches, and for individuals interested in news of Reformed churches and other ecumenical activities. The News Exchange is also published in Spanish and Indonesian languages. Electronic versions are available.
The REC also works through its Leadership Development Network. Under this network, the REC runs a Library and Textbook Program, to help its members develop resources for their theological training. In informal ways, the REC helps its members with leadership planning, and the connections to get advanced training.
The REC sees confessional integrity as essential to its calling and purpose, and assists its member churches to maintain unity even amidst the diversity of different cultures. The REC believes its member churches embody a holistic Reformed spirituality that takes seriously public and private means of grace, and prepares God\'s people for works of service in every area of life to promote a unifying witness in the world.


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