International Congregational Fellowship
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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (Europe)
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URL: http://www.intercong.org
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* Fellowship, co-operation and mutual counsel among all who affirme congregational principles
* Furthering of congregational witness and service through churches and individuals throughout the world
* Encouraging the exploration of congregational principles among young people through training and service
* Fostering relationships with congregational bodies and developing the concept of congregationalism among emerging churches around the world
* Promoting theological education, research and outreach
* Solidarity with all God\'s people in upholding justice, peace and the integrity of creation.

The ICF holds a quadrennial international assembly, open to all, and a biennial meeting of the Executive Committee. Youth Conferences are held every two years in conjunction with the assembly and executive meetings. A Theological Commission, founded in 1999, publishes the twice-yearly International Congregational Journal and runs seminars hosted by national congregational associations or local churches.

ICF holds a quadrennial assembly which elects a moderator or joint moderators. An executive committee meets every two years and carries out work by e-mail throughout the quadrennium.
There are five commissions reporting to the executive:
Youth Commission
Theological Commission
Communications Commission
Structures Commission
Finance Commission


International Congregational Fellowship Newsletter
International Congregational Journal

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