Moravian Theological Centre in South Africa
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c/o Duinefontien & Ascension Road
(P.O. Box 38273; Gatesville; 7766)
Heideveld, 7764
South Africa (Afrika)
Telefon: +27 21 637 9053
Fax: +27 21 637 9054
AdressNr.: 1070524

History of the institution as told by itself:
When the training of teachers started at the Mission Station of Genadendal in 1838, a bold step was taken to start training indigenous workers, which would inevitably result in the growth of the work of the Moravian Church in South Africa. In 1887, however, two years of theological studies were added and the way was paved for indigenous co-workers to join the Missionaries. At the Genadendal Synod of the Unity held from 16th March to 30th June 1889 the goal was set that every mission field should aim to bring about self administering and self-supporting churches. The training of indigenous workers thus became imperative. At a conference held in 1913 a proposal was made that candidates for the ministry should be selected from among teachers to receive in-service training by the missionaries. In 1929 a definite start was made with a Bible Class of three Moravian teachers and three Lutheran candidates (Berlin Mission). At the church conference held in 1938 it was decided that the double duty office of minister and headmaster should be phased out as far as possible, and that candidates who were not teachers, should also be sought for the Bible class thus paving the way for the training of full-time ministers. The Moravian Seminary was opened in 1952 in Fairview, Port Elizabeth. This new institution would in future be responsible to supply ordained workers. Because of the group areas act, "black" and "coloured" students were not allowed to study together because "black" students could not reside and study in a "coloured" area. This was very sad for the work of the church as the theological training had to develop along separate ways. The students from the Eastern and Western Regions could not study together. In 1970, the destructive forces of the group areas act under the apartheid dispensation forced our Seminary to be moved from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town. In 1978, after nine years in District Six, Cape Town, we were once again uprooted due to the evil system. In 1979, the present Theological Centre was erected in Heideveld, suburb in Cape Town. The Seminary brought new possibilities. All our students, from both regions, east and west, study at our Seminary in Cape Town.

Mission statement:
To equip the church of Jesus Christ and especially the members of the Moravian Church in South Africa (MCSA), through study, research and discussion in theology and related subjects for service in church and society.

The school is also a Pastoral Training Institute.

It provides training for leaders in church organisations.

The school is affiliated to the Moravian Church in South Africa (cf.

Informationen zur theologischen Ausbildungsstätte

English, Africaans, Xhosa
Anzahl der Lehrstühle
for ministerial training: grade 12 + secular work experience + church involvement
Diploma in theology, Moravian Licentiate/Certificate
Pfarramtsausbildung möglich
Lehramtsausbildung nicht möglich
praktische Ausbildung möglich

Bibliothek vorhanden
Anzahl der Bände: 5000


Athanasian Creed, Apostles' Creed, Heidelberg Catechism (1563), Luther's Small Catechism (1529), Nicene Creed


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