Mana Barumsa Macaafa Qulqulluu Gidada
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Gidada Bible School
P.O. Box 118
Dembi Dolo Welega
Ethiopia (Africa)
Telephone: +251 7 550 400
Address-No.: 11137 / 1043

The school is affiliated to Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mexane Yesus (Lutheran).
It offers training for evangelists, as well.

Further information that the church asked us to publish:
"Our school is not independent financially, but we are working to be independent. Up to that we need our friends' help. We need more books for our library which are recently published. We use this library for Theological Education by Extension diploma program and also we have the plan to start residential diploma program. TEE program is also under this school.
We are teaching at present 26 students in Bible school and they will start their second year learning in September 2004. We need the book which you are going to publish for our library."

Information of theological training facility

Type of school:
Founded in
Languages in use
English, Oromo
Full/part-time staff
Admission requirements
10th grade completion and church recommendation
Degrees offered
training for ministers possible
training for teachers possible
practical training possible

Library present
Library size: 5500


Athanasian Creed, Apostles' Creed, Luther's Small Catechism (1529), Nicene Creed


last update: 30.09.2004
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