United Theological College of the West Indies
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Golding Ave.
P.O.Box 136
Kingston 7
Jamaica (América del Norte)
Teléfono: + 1876 927 2868 / 1724 / 977 0810
Fax: +1876 977 0812
E-Mail: unitheol@cwjamaica.com
No: 11226 / 3330

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URL: http://www.utcwi.edu.jm
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The United Theological College of the West Indies (UTC) is an ecumenical seminary in Jamaica. It serves as the primary institution for theological education for Protestants in the Caribbean. It was founded in 1970 to foster church cooperation, and plays a significant role in raising consciousness regarding ministry in the Caribbean context. United Theological College is very important for the Caribbean as a region, as the matter of unity is a major issue in the area. The basic program follows a traditional model of theological education with lectures, discussions, research, and papers. There are 22 faculty members, five of whom are women; all except one are citizens of Caribbean countries. The President, Dr. Gregory, is an outstanding leader who has helped UTC to strengthen the identity and ministries of churches in the Caribbean. The program is enhanced by the contributions of all major Protestant denominations in the Caribbean, as courses are taught which are specific to the various denominations. The "tutors" for the denominations teach classes in doctrine, heritage, and worship. The Lutheran presence at UTC includes a New Testament professor and advisor to Lutheran students from Guyana and Suriname. Lutheran participation at UTC helps to affirm ministry in Guyana and Suriname and also provides a Lutheran perspective to the school as a whole. Through its affiliation with the University of the West Indies, UTC offers a Licentiate in Theology, a BA in Theology, and a Masters in Philosophy of Religion. A Doctor of Ministry degree is offered jointly with Columbia Theological Seminary in Atlanta, Georgia. Diplomas and certificates in ministerial studies are offered through UTC alone. The student body numbers 100, with 70 full-time ministerial students, 20 masters students, and 15 in the D.Min. (Doctor of Ministry) program. Many of the students are women; some years as many as half of the students have been women. UTC is a strong advocate for and encouragement to women. About half of the students are from Jamaica; the remaining come from English-speaking Caribbean nations as well as Dutch-speaking (Suriname) and French-speaking (Haiti). There are a few students from Panama and Belize as well. Non-English speakers usually study English at Jamaica=s Language Training Center before entering the college. During the 1990s, several improvements have been made at UTC. Much-needed married student housing was built which was ready for occupancy in 1994. With the cooperation of Augsburg Fortress, the college opened its own bookstore. It began a series of continuing education opportunities on campus, including a seminar entitled "Theology in the Caribbean Context" and a weekend course for intern supervisors. UTC has a long-range development program. Goals include broadening the curriculum to include evening courses and weekend seminars and an increase in the number of Caribbean students outside Jamaica, both clergy candidates and lay participants. UTC plans to establish a Center for Caribbean Church Studies which will house the archives of many denominations. The school has a clinical pastoral education program and quarter abroad sponsored by Wartburg Seminary of Dubuque, Iowa.


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