Tangintebu Reirei ni Minita
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Tangintebu Theological College
P.O. Box 264
Tarawa Island
Kiribati (Ocenania)
Telephone: +686 21342nc, 28272
Fax: +686 29099
Email: tangintebu@tskl.com.ki
Address-No.: 11243 / 5180

The college also offers training for chaplains, church administrators, co-ordinators, lay preachers and graduates for further studies.

They have an Annual Field Based Training for one week as well as a monthly attachment apprenticeship with local churches.

The library is in a separate building of 18 meters length, 6 meters width and 3 meters height.

The college is also affiliated to the Church of Christ in the Marshall Islands and the Federate States of Micronesian Churches.

Information of theological training facility

Type of school:
Founded in
Languages in use
English, Kiribati
Full/part-time staff
Admission requirements
entrance test, general understanding of the bible, church culture, English language, etc.
Must be: a communicant, passed the application and entrance test
should be: application endorsed from his/her pastor and Island Church Council, possessed a good medical and police clearance report, completed form six as minimum education, have a good command of english language
Degrees offered
Certificate and Diploma in Theology
Hoping to offer Bachelor of Divinity next year, 2005
training for ministers possible
training for teachers possible
practical training possible

Library present
Library size: 7500


Kiribati Protestant Church Creed, and other Christian Creeds.

Members and partners:


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