Seminari Teologi Sabah
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Sabah Theological Seminary
26 Jalan Pinggir, Off Jalan Istana
P.O. Box 11925
88400 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Malaysia (Asia)
Telephone: +60 88 231 579
Fax: +60 88 232 618
Email: enquiry@stssabah.org

Address-No.: 11318 / 4341

Information in the internet:

URL: http://www.stssabah.org/
Languages of the website: English, Chinese, Malay

The school also provides training for lay leaders.

The school is also affiliated to Anglican Church, Sabah, Malaysia; Anglican Church, Sarawak, Malaysia; Lutheran Church of Malaysia & Singapore; Evangelical Lutheran Church of Malaysia; Grace Chapel, Sabah, Malaysia; Sabah Evangelical Mission, Malaysia.

Text which the school asked us to publish:
· Who- We are the result of a joint vision run, supported and staffed by local churches as well as international mission boards. Our facilities and courses of study are open to all Christians. This means that whereas the majority of our students are from Sabah we also have students from all over Malaysia as well as other Asian countries.

Our emphasis is Interdenominational, that is, we are supported and staffed from many different churches and denominations. We are also Multi-cultural as our community is made up from a wide diversity of cultural, linguistic and racial backgrounds. We are Evangelical in that our teaching is Bible-based and recognizes the importance of the proclamation of the whole Gospel to all people. We aim for Balance between intellectual integrity that takes seriously modern scholarship and a sensitivity to spiritual experience and divine revelation.

· Where- STS is centrally located on Signal Hill overlooking the center of the state capital, Kota Kinabalu. We are 5 minutes walk from the city centre and the long distance bus station and just 20 minutes by car from the international airport.

· Why- There are several attractions for studying at STS. The campus has excellent facilities with a modern well-equipped library. There is a computer lab, internet access and well-equipped air-conditioned classrooms and seminar rooms and a modern hostel. A range of accommodation is available on campus for both single and married students.


Information of theological training facility

Type of school:
Founded in
Languages in use
Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese, English
Full/part-time staff
Admission requirements
senior high and above
Degrees offered
Master of Theology, Master of Theological Studies, Master of Ministry, Master of Divinity, Bachelor of Divinity, Bachelor of Theology, Diploma of Theology, Certification in Theological Studies, Certificate of Bible Knowledge
training for ministers possible
training for teachers possible
practical training possible

Library present
Library size: 35200


Apostles' Creed

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