Seminary of the Remonstrant Brotherhood-Universiteit Leiden
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Matthias de Vrieshof 1
Postbus 9515
NL-RA 2300 Leiden
Netherlands (Europa)
Teléfono: +31 71 527-2570
Fax: +31 17 527-2571
E-Mail: info@ics.leidenuniv.nl
No: 11356 / 6361

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URL: http://www.leidenuniv.nl/
idiomas disponibles en el sitio: Dutch, English

Theology in Leiden is a study programme that is characterised by a critical attitude towards texts and traditions; theologists approach religion in an academic way. Research at Leiden has an outstanding reputation within the Netherlands and abroad. Students who would like to join this tradition receive a broad classical-academic education. The study of primary sources and literature is extremely important. Therefore, good command of classical and modern languages is essential and a great deal of time is devoted to Hebrew in the propedeuse period. The Faculty of Theology is a close-knit community in which students are approached as individuals. They receive a great deal of support during the study of their specialisations. Furthermore, students benefit from the wide range of academic possibilities at Leiden University: they can become as easily acquainted with Chinese Taoism or the place of religion in African cultures as with ethical questions or archaeology of the Near East.


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