Christleijke Hogeschool DeWittenberg
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Wittenberg Christian College
Krakelingweg 10
HV 3707 Zeist
Netherlands (Europe)
Telephone: +31 30 692-4166
Fax: +31 30 691-3897
Email: info@dewittenberg.nl
Address-No.: 11362 / 6367

Information in the internet:

URL: http://www.dewittenberg.nl
Languages of the website: Dutch, partly in English

Text by the school:
DeWittenberg is a biblecollege in Zeist, a city in the Netherlands. DeWittenberg trains annually approximately 60 young christians to become missionaries, evangelists, teachers, ministers, or youth workers. Unique about DeWittenberg is its community, which means that all students and part of the staff live together in the same building and share each others' lives. DeWittenberg offers 3 one year studies: Biblestudy & Faithbuilding, Mission & Evangelism and the first year of an acknowledged study to become pastor or religion teacher. DeWittenberg also offers a two year part-time study to become a christian youth worker and Biblical Education by Extension (BEE), English courses for non-native residents of the Netherlands.
De Wittenberg does not receive any government funding nor do students receive scholarships. Our college and its students depend on gifts that we receive through local churches or individual contributors.

De Wittenberg is a mission school and a bible college.

Information of theological training facility

Type of school:
Founded in
Languages in use
Full/part-time staff
Admission requirements
secondary school, minimum age 17
Degrees offered
one-year certificate, not officially acknowledged
training for ministers possible
training for teachers possible
practical training possible

Library present
Library size: 10000


Belgica Confession (1561), Canon of Dordt (1618/19), Heidelberg Catechism (1563)


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