Teologiska Högskolan, Stockhom
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Stockholm School of Theology
Akeshorrvägen 29
16839 Bromma
Sweden (Europe)
Telephone: +46 8 564 357 00
Fax: +46 8 564 357 06
Email: ths@ths.se
Address-No.: 11461 / 6422

Information in the internet:

URL: http://www.ths.se
Languages of the website: Swedish + short information in English

Teologiska Högskolan, Stockholm is an Independent University College.

In 1993, the Theological Seminary of Mission Covenant Church of Sweden was merged with Betelseminary, the Theological Seminary of the Baptist Union of Sweden into the Stockholm School of Theology.

It is now also affiliated to the Baptist Union of Sweden.

It also trains priests.


Information of theological training facility

Type of school:
Founded in
Languages in use
Swedish, English
Full/part-time staff
Admission requirements
Complete upper secondary school education including knowledge in English and Swedish. Specific requirements for the theological program.
Swedish, Religious Studies, History, Social Studies (upper secondary school):
General Entrance Requirements for studies at Stockholms School of Theology:
complete upper secondary education (documented by diploma, mark sheets or university transcripts)
knowledge of English, documented by an international proficiency test (TOEFL - minimum 550 points, IELTS, Cambrigde First Certificate, MELAB) or the equivalent, if English is not your mother tongue
knowledge of Swedish, documented by a proficiency test, a pass in the Swedish Language Course at the IES at Stockholm University or the equivalent
Specific Requirements: good results completed at upper secondary school or at university level in: Swedish (3 years), Religious studies, History, Social studies
Degrees offered
Bachelor of Theology, University Diploma in Theology, University Diploma in Human Rights
training for ministers possible
training for teachers possible
practical training possible

Library present
Library size: 40000


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