Theological School of the Protestant Reformed Churches
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Text by the church:

A complete course in all the branches of theology is offered over four years. As appears from the catalog, the emphasis in the curriculum is on dogmatics and exegesis. This is not without good reason. Dogmatics is important inasmuch as all the life of the church flows out of sound doctrine and a clear and concise understanding of the faith “once delivered to the saints.” Sound and effective preaching is preaching of the truth. But exegesis is no less important inasmuch as there can be no true dogmatics except the truth be gleaned from Holy Writ. The strength of the church of Christ is her preaching; and the strength of her preaching is exegesis, since the Word of God alone must form the content of all the preaching of the gospel.
The remainder of the curriculum is not decorated with subjects that can be called “frills”; nor are subjects included that are only indirectly related to the preparation of men for the ministry. The subjects themselves and the material offered therein are eminently worthy of study and research, composed as they are of solid material able to qualify one intellectually and spiritually for the work of the ministry.
A student graduating from the school and receiving his diploma may be confident that the diploma represents a full seminary training that will equip him to labor with the rich heritage of Calvinistic and Reformed thought.

The Theological School of the Protestant Reformed Churches is not authorized to grant degrees but does issue a diploma that has been recognized by other seminaries as the equivalent of the Master of Divinity degree.


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escuela dominical
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1. Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university
2. Completion of various pre-seminary courses, among which are two years of Greek
posibilidades de graduación
not degree-granting, M.Div. equivalent
la formación de párrocos posible
la formación de profesores no es posible
la formación práctica es posible

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Heidelberg Catechism (1563), Canon of Dordt (1618-19), Belgic Confession (1561)

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