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Reformed Alliance
Knochenhauerstr. 33
30159 Hannover
Germany (Europa)
Teléfono: +49 511 124 1808
Fax: +49 511 124 1811
E-Mail: info@reformierter-bund.de

No: 12111 / 6204

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URL: http://www.reformierter-bund.de
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The Reformed Alliance was founded in 1884 in order to resist the loss of Ref identity and the growing “Lutheranization” of the German churches. It is a free association of churches, congr, and individuals who adhere to the Ref confessions. It seeks to fulfill the following tasks: a) to give a common direction to congregations of Ref origin; b) to establish contacts with Ref churches in other countries and to contribute to the activities of the World Alliance of Ref Churches and generally of the ecumenical movement; c) to deepen communion with the evangelical churches within Germany and to participate in its common efforts and in its institutions. Legally the Alliance is an association, but it is recognized by the Evangelical Church in Germany as representing the Ref churches. The Reformed Alliance has close contacts with Ref churches in eastern Europe (Romania, Hungary, Poland, etc.) and supports the Ref churches in South Africa in their effort to overcome racism in church and society. The members of the Alliance are: Church of Lippe (cf. no. 1), the Evangelical-Reformed Church (cf. no. 2), the Evangelical–Old Reformed Church in Niedersachsen (cf. no. 3) and the Alliance of Evangelical-Ref churches churches of Germany (cf. no. 4); in addition, it includes about 400 congr from within united churches and 600 individuals.


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