Evangelische Kirche der Pfalz
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Church of the Palatinate
Domplatz 5
67346 Speyer
Germany (Europe)
Telephone: +49 6232 667-0
Fax: +49 6232 667-480
Email: landeskirchenrat@evkirchepfalz.de
Address-No.: 12120 / 6211

Information in the internet:

URL: http://www.evpfalz.de
Languages of the website: German, English (http://www.zentralarchiv-speyer.de)

The Church of the Palatinate owes its existence to both Luth (Wittenberg) and Ref (Zurich, Geneva, and Strasbourg) influence. In the wake of the Counter- Reformation the RCath Church had regained strength. In order to consolidate the Reformation in his area and to end the controversies between strict and moderate Luth, as well as the Ref, the prince elector, Frederick III, introduced the Palatinate church order whose main feature is the well-known Heidelberg Catechism. The efforts to achieve a rapprochement among Prot was pursued after the Thirty Years War. The changing confessional allegiance of the princes in the 16th and 18th centuries led to bitter controversies as well as disenchantment with religion. Only the French Revolution, which had gained considerable influence in the Palatinate, opened the door to a new era. In 1818 the Prot churches united to form the Evangelical Church of the Palatinate. The project of union was put to a vote. While 40,167 family heads voted for the union, only 539 voted against it. In order to avoid confessional disputes, the Church did not adopt any particular confessions but declared Holy Scripture to be the only basis for the teaching of the church.


Statistic data of church

total: 643000
(conventionally): 430
house fellowships
(Number of growing parishes): 500
Ordained clergy
total: 639
women´s ordination
total: 3525
total: 0
  no information about deacons
total: 0
missionaries working abroad

Missionary institutions:

Baptismal practise
infant and believer´s baptism
No information about godparents
Lord's Supper
Frequency per annum: 15
Newspapers/ Periodicals
no information about publication of magazines
Theological training facilities

Number: 1

Schools providing general education
no information about other schools
Founded in
Organizational structures
not communicated
Traditional type
  • united
Official languages
  • German
  • Apostles´ Creed
  • Nicene Creed (381)
Partner churches

International assiciations

Regional assiciations

National assiciations

Members and partners:


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