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Greek Evangelical Church
24 Markoy Botsari Str.
11741 Athens
Greece (Europa)
Teléfono: +30 210 922 2684
Fax: +30 210 924 9981
E-Mail: secretary@gec.gr

No: 12201 / 6330

informaciones en la red:

URL: http://www.gec.gr
idiomas disponibles en el sitio: Greek, English

The origins of the Greek Evangelical Church go back to the work of Jonas King, a missionary of the ABCFM who settled in Greece after the Greek War of Independence (1821-1828). He was engaged in educational and welfare work as well as in preaching. In 1848 he was brought to court and expelled from the country. Later he was able to return to Athens, where he died in 1869. A young student who had been present at his trial, Kalopothakis, converted to the Ref faith and became one of the leading figures in the history of the Evangelical Church. The movement met with much hostility in Orthodox circles. In 1866 the first Evangelical community was organized, and in 1871 the first church building was erected. In 1885 a synod, consisting of three small congr, was established. Evangelistic work had also been started in Asia Minor. When, after the Greek-Turkish War in 1922, Greek people were forced out of Asia Minor, a significant number of Greek Evangelical refugees either joined existing communities or established new ones. The situation of Evangelicals became particularly precarious during the dictatorial regime of the Colonels in the early ’70s. The democratic climate which followed that period gave them greater freedom, though they continue to be regarded as an element foreign to Greek religion and culture. The church is engaged in both evangelistic and social work. There are two centers for marginalized people in Thessaloniki and Athens. New missionary work has been undertaken in Albania (cf. Albania).

The Star of East (Astir tis Anatolis) - since 1858.
Address: 50 Amalias str., 10558 Athens, Greece, astir@gec.gr, http://www.gec.gr/astir

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  • Credo Niceno (381)
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