Conservative Presbyterian Church in Korea
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467-24 BangBae3 Dong, SuCho-Gu
Korea, Republic of (Asia)
Telephone: +82 2 587 1616
Fax: +82 2 586 2044
Address-No.: 13145 / 4650

In 1963 Pastor Choi Sung-Gon of HoHun (no. 18) and Kim Oh-Sung gathered 102 churches and formed a new denomination at Sungdongjaeil Church. Choi Sung-Gon served as moderator. The initiative was largely financed by Choi Sung-Gon’s private money. SungHwa seminary was opened and was directed by Kim Oh-Sung.Their conviction was that neoorthodox theology was the main reason for the division of TongHap and HapDong, and therefore they promoted a conservative approach. But soon BoSu could no longer maintain its activities, and, when Pastor Choi left for the USA in 1965, many churches left the denomination. For five or six years the church was inactive. Graduates from SungHwa seminary — Cho Won-Kuk, Kim Duk-Sun, and Chung In-Young — met in 1972 and succeeded in restoring the denomination. When HapDong divided in 1979, many minister sand about 200 congr joined non-mainline churches of HapDong. Only 22 stayed in BoSu.

Note: We did not manage to contact this church. Therefore, we cannot exclude that its address has changed or that the church does not exist any more.
Whoever has information about this church may contact us. We will be happy to update our information.

Statistic data of church

total: 12779
(conventionally): 109
house fellowships
(Number of growing parishes): 0
Ordained clergy
total: 0
no information about women´s ordination
total: 0
total: 0
  no information about deacons
total: 0
no information about missionaries working abroad
Baptismal practise
no information about baptism
No information about godparents
Lord's Supper
Frequency per annum: 0
Newspapers/ Periodicals
no information about publication of magazines
Theological training facilities

Number: 1

Schools providing general education
no information about other schools
Founded in
Organizational structures
Presbyterian (8 Presbytery, General Assembly)
Traditional type
  • presbyterian
Official languages
  • Korean
  • Apostles´ Creed
  • Westminster Confession (1646/47)


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