Geredja Indjili Maluku
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Moluccan Evangelical Church
Standerdmolen 8-029
NL-995 AA Houten
Netherlands (Europa)
Teléfono: +31 30 635 0416
Fax: +31 30 634 0441
No: 1412 / 6374

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URL: http://www.malra.org/mkc/
idiomas disponibles en el sitio: Dutch, Malay

The Moluccans are the largest group of Reformed immigrants after World War II. Moluccans arrived in the Netherlands as a consequence of decolonization. They had supported the Dutch colonial regime in the hope of establishing an independent Moluccan Republic. In 1951 a first group of 12,500 Moluccans disembarked in Rotterdam. Today their number has reached some 40,000. Most of them continue to defend the idea of an independent Moluccan state, a proposal which is totally incompatible with the policies of both Indonesia and the Netherlands. Religiously, the Reformed Moluccans originate from the Moluccan Protestant Church, GPM (cf. Indonesia no. 36). While the church in Indonesia never suffered any secessions, the Moluccan community in the Netherlands experienced one split after another. Today there are no less than 18 Moluccan Reformed churches in the Netherlands. Fifteen consist only of one, two, or three congregations. In this survey only the three largest are presented. The Malay-speaking Moluccan Prot community wanted to organize itself as a classis of the GPM in Indonesia. The church in Indonesia did not accept this request of the Moluccan community in the Netherlands. The Moluccan Prot community then decided to set up its own independent church. The GIM is the largest Moluccan Church in the Netherlands. It has its own congregations, classes, and synods. It cooperates with both the NHK (cf. no. 1) and the GKN (cf. no. 5) and has also established a link with the VEG (cf. no. 4). The GIM applied for membership in the WCC. When the request was rejected, it became a member of the ICCC. In 1994 it reapplied to the WCC. At the same time it started conversations with the Community of Churches in Indonesia (PGI) and the GPM. The classis west of GIM opposed this policy of rapprochement; it regards it as a betrayal of the political ideal of an independent Moluccan state.

Note: We did not manage to contact this church. Therefore, we cannot exclude that its address has changed or that the church does not exist any more.
Whoever has information about this church may contact us. We will be happy to update our information.

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