Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland
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F. P. Church
133 Woodlands Road
Glasgow, G3 6LE
United Kingdom
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (Europa)
Teléfono: +44 141 332 9283
Fax: +44 141 332 4271
E-Mail: SynodClerk@fpchurch.org.uk
No: 1464 / 6313

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URL: http://www.fpchurch.org.uk
idiomas disponibles en el sitio: English

The Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland came into separate existence as a result of the passing of the Declaratory Act by the General Assembly of the Free Church of Scotland in 1892. This Act affirmed the full authority of the church to determine what doctrines enter into the substance of the Ref faith. When the 1893 Assembly failed to repeal it, two ministers, Rev. Donald Macfarlane and Rev. Donald Macdonald, left the Free Church, together with many officebearers, members and adherents, to form the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland. The first presbytery meeting was held in August 1893, when a Deed of Separation was drawn and subscribed. The church now has five presbyteries in the United Kingdom: one in Africa; one in the antipodes, embracing congregations in Australia and New Zealand; and extensive missionary activities in Zimbabwe and Kenya. The Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland’s supreme standard is the inspired, infallible, and inerrant Word of God; its subordinate standard is the Westminster Confession of Faith. In its public worship, the only version of the Bible used is the Authorized Version; it insists on having worshippers stand when addressing God in prayer; it does not admit the use of instrumental music, and its manual of praise is the psalms of David. It supports the Establishment principle acknowledging Christ as “King of Nations” and regards the state as under a divine obligation to support and maintain the Christian religion. It seeks to uphold and teach biblical morality. It is strongly opposed to abortion except in the rare cases where the life of the mother may be at risk, and it advocates the return of capital punishment for the crime of murder. The church is postmillennial in outlook and firmlybelieves that the whole earth shall yet be “full of the knowledge of the Lord,as the waters cover the sea.”

Theological schools: Tutorial System - 2 Tutors

datos de la iglesia

total: 3000
(tradicional): 47
comunidades domésticas
(comunidades en desarrollo): 3
total: 20
hombres: 20
la ordenación de mujeres para el ministerio es inusual
total: 75
hombres: 75
total: 20
hombres: 20
  no se encuentran datos acerca de instituciones diaconales
total: 2
hombres: 2
existe labor misionera en el extranjero
bautismo de niños y creyentes
padrinos de bautizo
no se usa el concepto padrino/madrina
Santa Cena
por año: 2
edición de revistas propias (vs. texto)
instituciones de formación teológica

número: 0

colegios científico-humanistas
existen otros colegios
año de fundación
estructura organizacional
tipo de origen
  • presbiteriano
idiomas oficiales
  • English
idiomas del culto
  • English
  • Gaelic (Scotland)
  • Sindebele
  • Confesión de Westminster (1646/47)
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