Uniting Church in Australia
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National Assembly
PO Box A 2266
Sydney South NSW 1235
Australia (Ocenania)
Telephone: +61 2 8267 4200-1
Fax: +61 2 8267 4222
Email: assysec@nat.uca.org.au
Address-No.: 1230 / 5012

Information in the internet:

URL: http://uca.org.au
Languages of the website: English

The Uniting Church was inaugurated on June 22, 1977, after more than sixty years of negotiations. At the time of union, the Methodists represented about 60%, the Presb about 35%, and the Congreg about 5% of the membership. The Church has not only transcended denominational boundaries but has become a multicultural church. It includes a large number (80) of ethnic congr following their own traditions.In 1985 the National Assembly opposed rebaptism as espoused by the charismatic movement, a decision which led to a loss of membership, mainly to the Assemblies of God. The Uniting Church is known for its witness in the social and political field and its involvement in the cause of the Aborigines. It has relatively strong roots in rural areas.
The Basis of Union includes reference to the ApC and NicC as authoritative statements of faith framed in the language of their day, which are to be studied, taught, and interpreted in the light of a later age; while affirming the abiding teaching value of the documents embodying the doctrinal heritage of the three churches before union, the Uniting Church seeks to learn how to confess its faith in fresh words and deeds in the light of changing circumstances; among Ref Confessions the HeidC and WestConf are listed.

Note: We did not manage to contact this church. Therefore, we cannot exclude that its address has changed or that the church does not exist any more.
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Statistic data of church

total: 1386000
(conventionally): 2921
house fellowships
(Number of growing parishes): 0
Ordained clergy
total: 2230
women´s ordination
total: 0
total: 0
  deacons available
total: 0
missionaries working abroad
Baptismal practise
infant and believer´s baptism
No information about godparents
Lord's Supper
Frequency per annum: 32
Newspapers/ Periodicals
no information about publication of magazines
Theological training facilities

Number: 6

Schools providing general education
other schools
Founded in
Organizational structures
Congregation, 54 Presbytery, 7 state Synods, national Assembly
Official languages
  • English
  • Apostles´ Creed
  • Heidelberg Catechism (1563)
  • Nicene Creed (381)
  • Scots Confession (1560)
  • Westminster Confession (1646/47)
Partner churches

International assiciations

National assiciations

Members and partners:


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