Reformed Church in Slovenia
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699207 Prosenjakovci
Slovenia (Europe)
Telephone: +386 69 44027
Fax: +386 69 44027
Address-No.: 13267 / 6400

Until World War I Slovenia was part of Austro-Hungarian Empire. At that time there were about 800 Ref Hungarians living in Slovenia. They belonged to three parishes of the Reformed Church of Hungary which were close to the Slovenian border — Bajánsenye, Kercaszomor, and Szentgyörgyvölgy. After World War I, through the Trianon Treaty, Slovenia became part of Yugoslavia, and the Reformed Church in Yugoslavia became independent in 1921. The scattered communities in Slovenia were served by a minister until 1950. Thereafter Slovenia was considered a missionary field of the Reformed Christian Church in Yugoslavia located beyond the river Mura. Early in the Yugoslavian War of the 1990s Slovenia became an independent state. Eventually a separate church was also set up for Slovenia. In 1993, at a meeting attended by elders, the Hungarian Reformed Christian Church in Slovenia was established. A constitution was adopted and submitted to the Slovenian government to obtain the registration of the church. The Reformed Church of Hungary has accepted responsibility for pastoral care. At present there are five places of worship. The church hopes to extend its work to the cities where several hundred Ref followers have migrated. The church maintains fraternal relations with the Luth living in the same area. By mutual support, they seek to implement the Leuenberg Agreement.

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Statistic data of church

total: 400
(conventionally): 3
house fellowships
(Number of growing parishes): 2
Ordained clergy
total: 0
women´s ordination
total: 0
total: 0
  no information about deacons
total: 0
no information about missionaries working abroad
Baptismal practise
no information about baptism
No information about godparents
Lord's Supper
Frequency per annum: 0
Newspapers/ Periodicals
no information about publication of magazines
Theological training facilities

Number: 1

Schools providing general education
no information about other schools
Founded in
Organizational structures
not communicated
Official languages
  • Hungarian
  • Apostles´ Creed
  • Athanasian Creed
  • Heidelberg Catechism (1563)
  • Nicene Creed (381)
  • Second Helvetic Confession (1562)

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