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Reformed Churches (Liberated)
Postbus 499
NL-8000 AL Zwolle
Netherlands (Europa)
Teléfono: +31 38 427 0470
Fax: +31 38 427 0411
E-Mail: bbk@gbouw.nl
No: 148 / 6371

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URL: http://www.gkv.nl
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In the midst of World War II a major schism took place in the GKN (cf. no. 5). The split is known as the Vrijmaking (Liberation). It was the outcome of ongoing theological conflicts on common grace, the covenant of grace, presumptive regeneration (Abraham Kuyper), etc., which the Synod of the GKN sought to overcome by the adoption of doctrinal statements. Professor K. Schilder (1890-1952) protested against binding decisions on these issues. The Synod excluded him from the ministry. This decision led to an exodus of many congregations which wanted to be “liberated from synodal power structures.” In 1944 they established the GK(v) at the Hague, emphasizing their loyalty to Art. 31 of the church order which was drawn up by the Synod of Dordrecht (1618/1619). In 1965 the GK(v) experienced its own schism (cf. no. 10). The church runs a university in Kampen. With the establishment of this university, Kampen has two universities (cf. no. 5) which do not cooperate. It also has its own political party, schools, and the like. The church is a member of the ICRC (1982) and cooperates with other members of this organization. It is engaged in missionary work in Indonesia (especially in Sumba, Kalimantan, and Irian Jaya), South Africa, Brazil, DR Congo, and Ukraine.


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