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Letter written by Bishop K. Suyaga Ayub

Bomb explosion in Legian, Kuta Bali on Saturday, October 12, 2002 at 11.15 PM

Dear Friends and Partner Churches.

May God’s peace and grace be with you.

Even 8 months have not passed yet since I share with you the tragedy of the attack and the threat to our brothers and sisters in Katung and Ketogan, now we have to face another tragedy that we could not imagined before. Firstly, on behalf of the Bali Church I would like to send my deep appreciation for your deep concern, prayers and also financial support for our church members in Katung and Ketogan so they are now in good condition.

Bomb explosion in Legian, Kuta Bali on Saturday, October 12, 2002 at 11.15 PM was very strong and terrifying so it was heard until radius more than 10 kms. It was exactly happened in Legian Kelod Kuta more or less 2 kms South of Dhyana Pura Hotel, a place, which is filled up with tourists every night. The bomb was put in a car, which just in front of Sari Club. The explosion made a hole of 6 meters wide and 1 meter deep. The strength of the explosion also made concrete of buildings around it (150 meters from explosion center) fell all over and left the iron. It can be imagined the impact toward people around it. They were completely damaged and even could not be identified. Until this morning it was reported that 184 people were dead and more than 300 people injured. Most victims are Australian and the rest are English, German etc. Probably, the doer of bombing was expressly directed its target to international society because in the same time a smaller bomb was explode near America Consulate in Renon Denpasar. Fortunately there was no victim in the explosion.

As we know, Bali is considered as prominent tourist destination in Indonesia. Also it is known as the safest tourist destinations in Indonesia, has beautiful culture and friendly people. And almost all of 3 millions people in Bali depend on tourist industry. With the bombing action we can imagine how is Bali and its people in the future and also Indonesia in general. Most people will lose their jobs and business. The Bali Church and its members as part of Bali society will also get negative impact from the action. But more than this, the terrorist action in Bali is considered as problem of all countries in this world. It is a challenge for all of us so we need to unite to face the challenge. The terrible thing could happen everywhere in this world as long as people are not afraid of God but we could not let terrorist destroy the peace that God has given to this world.

As believer, I have been prying for Indonesia for months in order that people of this country become afraid of God, not so easy to burn, to kill, to do corruption and such evil things. I asked for God’s righteousness to save Indonesia. In my prayers I was struggling that God’s action and righteousness could make people happy but in the same time it could become as sadness and even disaster as Israel had experienced it during their exile in Babel and Jesus had to carry His cross. After the explosion happened in front of my eyes and the suffering of those innocent victims, I ask all people in Indonesia to repent, being honest and always do the right thing and give respect one another. For us, this temptation is considered as a warning from God for all people to repent. We are now sharing this mission with other churches, other religions, and government.

Started from yesterday we have mobilized church doctors and medics to help bomb victims in hospital. They helped medical matters and also for translation. We need much blood type A, B and O rhesus negative. We were able to prepare blood type A and B but we have difficulty in preparing O rhesus negative. But were grateful that medics from Australia and their friends were willing to give their blood. Church members spontaneously visited those victims in the hospital and brought some fruits, clothes etc. Most victims have been evacuated to their own countries. Until this afternoon only few of them still did some treatment in hospital. Men Fellowship of the Bali Church is always ready to give their help.

Herewith, on behalf of the Bali Church I would like to express my deep sympathy and condolence for families of all victims of the bombing action in Legian Bali. I am grateful for all sympathy that has been sent to us by phone, fax or e-mail. We truly need your prayers and support to face the negative impact of the bomb explosion in Bali. We thanks God that none of our church members became as victim of the explosion. Until today the doer of bombing incidents has not captured yet. And we are praying for this. With the bombing in Bali I hope Indonesia will be more serious to fight against terrorism.

That’s all news from Bali. May God richly bless you in your services. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon and I send you my best wishes.

Sincerely yours,

Bishop K. Suyaga Ayub

Christoph Fasse

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