Bahrein - (Asie)

Informations sur Bahrein

707 kilomètre carré
Nombre d'habitants
"Shi´a Muslim 75%, Sunni Muslim 24,9%, expatriate Christians, Hindus and other 0,1%"
Chrétien (%)
Protestante (%)
Réformé (%)

Bahrain is an archipelago consisting of 33 islands, only 5 of them inhabited. Most of the population of Bahrain is concentrated in the two principal cities, Manama and Al Muharraq. The indigenous people, representing 63% of the population, are from the Arabian Peninsula and Persia. The most numerous minorities are South and East Asians and Europeans.
Archeological artifacts reveal the pre-Islamic existence of Nestorian Christianity in the archipelago as well as along the coast of southeastern Arabia. In fact, prior to Islam, Bahrain was the residence of a Nestorian Bishop, and one of its villages still bears a name which means “monastery” in Arabic.
Islam is the dominant religion. Though Shiite Muslims make up more than two-thirds of the indigenous population, Sunni Islam is the prevailing belief held by those in the government, military, and corporate sectors. RCath and Prot churches, as well as a tiny indigenous Jewish community, also exist in Bahrain.


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