Bangladesh - (Asie)

Informations sur Bangladesh

147570 kilomètre carré
Nombre d'habitants
Muslim 87%, Hindu 12%, other 1.2%
Chrétien (%)
Protestante (%)
Réformé (%)

In 1947, when India won independence from Britain, East Bengal became part of Pakistan. The large majority of the country is Muslim. The sizeable minority of Hindus considerably diminished after 1947, especially during the civil war (1971-1972), when many fled to West Bengal in India. In 1971 Bangladesh was proclaimed an independent secular state with a socialist orientation. Through a military coup it was turned into an Islamic state.
The Christian churches represent only a small minority. RCath arrived in the area in the 16th century, but the first diocese was not established until 1886. Today thereare four dioceses. Bapt are the largest Prot community. Baptist missionary work started as early as 1793. Angl and Presb missions started early in the 19th century; Angl and Presb united in 1970 to form the Church of Pakistan.


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