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92345 Quadratkilometer
Roman Catholic 94%, Protestant 1% (Meth, Lusitanian Church, Ev.Ref, Bapt, and others)
Christen (%)
Protestanten (%)
Reformierte (%)

Portugal was hardly touched by the Reformation; thus in subsequent centuries only a few individuals affirmed Reformed convictions. João Ferreira de Almeida (1628-1698), who became acquainted with the Reformed message in Java and was ordained pastor of the Dutch Reformed Church, translated the Bible into Portuguese (1688). The first Reformed community was founded on May 8, 1845, in Funchal (Madeira) by a Scottish medical doctor, Robert Reid Kalley. Soon persecution began; most members of the community emigrated and found refuge in Brazil, Trinidad, and the United States. Some of them, among them Antonio de Matos, returned to Portugal later, and in 1871 the first Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Lisbon was founded. Slowly the Presb work expanded. Missionaries from both Brazil and the United States played a significant role in strengthening the movement.
Congreg work began in the 1880s. The founding figure was Manuel dos Santos Carvalho (+1916).In the early years of his ministry he had served Meth and Presb communities, but he was an independent spirit, mainly concerned with planting evangelical communities. The Congreg movement found the support of the Evangelical Church of Rio de Janeiro. Together they established the Evangelical Union and Mission of Brazil and Portugal. The movement spread under the impulse of strong leaders, among them Eduardo Henriques Moreira (1886-1981), a poet and preacher. Internal dissensions during and after World War II weakened the movement.


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