Swaziland - (Africa)

Information about Swaziland

17363 square kilometres
Prot 23%, Roman Catholic 10%, indigenous beliefs 40%, African sects 27%
Christian (%)
Protestant (%)
Reformed (%)

Swaziland, a British Protectorate until 1968, is a monarchy that has been ruled by King Mswati III since 1986. In October 1993, elections were held for the first time. Prince Mbilini was named Prime Minister. In 1997 Dr. Sibusiso Barabas became Prime Minister of the country. Swaziland relies on agriculture and the mining of natural resources (coal, diamond, and asbestos). Economically it still depends on South Africa, but large parts of the land are now back in the hands of Swazis.
The first church to undertake missionary work was the Meth (1845). Luth followed in 1887, and the RCath church in 1913. Though the country has become Christian, African religions continue to play a significant role.
In 1911 the first mission conference for all Prot churches was held. It was not repeated until 1929, when it was again constituted as the “Swaziland Missionary Council.” It met every two years and later changed its name to the “Swaziland Conference of Churches.” In 1967 the Council of Swaziland Churches was formed, including the mainline churches. Independent churches set up the League of African Churches in Swaziland in 1937.


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