Bolivia - (South America)

Information about Bolivia

La Paz
1098581 square kilometres
Roman Catholic 92.5%, Protestant (Evangelical Methodist)
Christian (%)
Protestant (%)
Reformed (%)

The first Prot came to the country in connection with the liberation by Simon Bolivar at the beginning of the 19th century. Diego Thompson, representative of the British Bible Society, who was associated with various leaders of the liberation movement, visited Bolivia in 1824. He started the translation of the New Testament in Quechua, and in 1829 he produced, with the help of Vincente Pazos Kanki, the translation of the Gospel of Luke in Aymara. Other representatives of Bible Societies followed. José Mongiardino, representing the American Bible Societies, was assassinated in 1877. In 1898 the Free Brethren from Canada started work in Oruro. Many other denominations followed. Presb groups did not enter the country until the late seventies. Today there are seven Presbyterian groups, mainly of Korean origin. Efforts are being undertaken to bring these various groups closer to one another. Churches in La Paz, Cochabamba, Tarija, and St. Cruz have their own presbyteries.



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