Botswana - (Afrique)

Informations sur Botswana

581730 kilomètre carré
Nombre d'habitants
indigenous beliefs 70%, Christian 30%
Chrétien (%)
Protestante (%)
Réformé (%)

Botswana covers 2/3 of the Kalahari Desert. Until 1966 it was under British rule. Constitutionally it is now a multiparty democracy; thus far political life has been dominated by the Botswana Democratic Party. Mining, the main industry of the country, is primarily in the hands of transnational corporations. Economically, Botswana is dependent on South Africa.
Prot missionaries came to Botswana in the 19th century. The London Missionary Society (LMS) was among the first societies to start mission work. By 1857 the whole Bible was translated into Setswana, the first such translation into an African language south of Ethiopia; this achievement owes to the efforts of the LMS missionary, Moffat, in South Africa. In 1863 the Cape Synod of the Dutch Reformed Church (cf. South Africa no.1)started work among the Bagkatla, laying the ground for the Dutch Reformed Church in Botswana. Other missionaries followed. Luth missions especially played a significant role in Botswana. RCath efforts started in 1928. Today 18 churches, among them the RCath Church, cooperate through the Botswana Christian Council.



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