Colombia - (South America)

Information about Colombia

1141748 square kilometres
Roman Catholic 95%
Christian (%)
Protestant (%)
Reformed (%)

The first Prot arrived in Colombia through the British Legion, which supported Simon Bolivar and his struggle to free Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia from the Spanish empire. The first missionary, Henry Barrington Pratt, wassent by the Presb Church in the US; he arrived in Santa Maria in 1856 and soon after celebrated the first Prot service in Santa Fe de Bogotá. The first church was established in 1861. As in other Latin American countries, primary emphasis was placed on education. In 1868 Kate McFarren came to Bogotá or educational work. Under the direction of the Presb Church, the Colegio Americano for girls and in 1885 another school for boys were founded. Later, four other primary and high schools in Barranquilla, Bucaramanga, Ibagué, and Girardot were opened. Until the Second Vatican Council the situation of Prot in Colombia was precarious. Under varying pretexts they suffered discrimination and persecution. In recent decades their number has increased. In 1982 a theological seminary was founded to serve the churches in Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador.
Besides the Presb Church in Colombia there are other churches of Ref background. The Cumberland Presbyterian Church (cf. United States) has roots in the area of Cali, where it also runs a big high school. The Evangelical Reformed Church of Colombia owes its existence to Korean efforts. In 1987 Rev. Kim Wui-Dong arrived in the country and founded in Bogotá the Colombia Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Several congr were founded by Korean missionaries in Bogotá.


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