Cook Islands - (Ocenania)

Information about Cook Islands

236 square kilometres
Christian (majority of populace are members of the Cook Islands Christian Church)
Christian (%)
Protestant (%)
Reformed (%)

This country is constituted by a group of islands in the South Pacific Ocean, about halfway between Hawaii and Aotearoa New Zealand. Since August 4, 1965, it has been independent in free association with New Zealand and has had a self-governing parliamentary government. Cook Islands is fully responsible for internal affairs; New Zealand retains responsibility for external affairs, in consultation with the Cook Islands. It has the right at any time to move to full independence by unilateral action. Agriculture provides the economic base. The major export earners are fruit, copra, and clothing. Manufacturing activities are limited to a fruit - processing plant and several clothing factories. Economic development is hindered by the isolation of the islands from foreign markets and a lack of natural resources and good transportation links. A large trade deficit is annually made up for by remittances from emigrants and by foreign aid, largely from New Zealand.


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