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112492 Quadratkilometer
Roman Catholic 80%, Protestant minority 20%
Christen (%)
Protestanten (%)
Reformierte (%)

The area was originally inhabited by the Maya. Copán was one of the most significant Maya sanctuaries. In 1538 the area became part of the Spanish dominion of Guatemala. In 1823 it obtained independence: first as part of the Federation of Central America and then, in 1838, as an independent state. In this century Honduras became economically more and more dependent on the United States, especially on the United Fruit Company. In the ’50s tensions between the campesinos and the government began to mount. In 1972 masses of campesinos marched on the capital to protest against their exploitation. But the economic situation has hardly changed. Some 63% of the land is in the hand of 4% of the population, and 75% of the population have very low incomes. In 1990 four-fifths of the children were undernourished.
The RCath Church came to Honduras in the early period of Spanish domination. In 1531 the first bishopric was established. In the 1550s the Franciscans began to undertake systematic missionary efforts. For centuries the RCath faith was the state religion until, in 1880, state and church were definitively separated. Today the RCath Church is organized as an archdiocese with four dioceses. About one-fifth of the 300 priests are indigenous. The presence of Prot began in the 18th century with Angl and Moravian missions; they were followed in the 19th century by the Advent (1887), the Central American Mission (1896), the Sala Evangélica (1898), the Holiness Church (1903); in 1930 the Moravians established a presence among the natives; and since 1931 the Assemblies of God have grown rapidly.


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