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2586 square kilometres
Roman Catholic 97%, Protestant 1% and Jewish 2%
Christian (%)
Protestant (%)
Reformed (%)

Historically, Luxembourg is a RCath country. Protestantism, officially tolerated since 1768, came to Luxembourg through migration. The first Prot community was a garrison church. After the Vienna Congress of 1815 the country was awarded to King Wilhelm I of the Netherlands, who was a Calvinist. In 1817 the Trinity Church in the city of Luxembourg was built for Prussian soldiers serving the Duke and later made available to the Prot community. With the industrialization of the country Prot became more numerous, especially in the region of Esch-sur-Alzette.
In 1894 the Prot community in the city of Luxembourg was officially recognized; it included all Prot of the Helvetic and the Augsburg Confessions (“communauté protestante, confession unie”).
In 1961 French-speaking immigrants established the “Eglise protestante européenne d’expression française.” In 1982 the Prot in the region of Esch-sur-Alzette formed the Protestant- Reformed Church of Luxembourg (Helvetic Confession); they were granted the status of an officially recognized church by the state.
In addition to these churches there are in the city of Luxembourg several language communities which are under the jurisdiction of the churches in their country of origin (Germans, Danes, Dutch, English, Swedish). Since 1976 there is a “Council of Parishes and Communities in Luxembourg” in which the majority of the Prot communities are federated.



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