Virtuell Library of
Reformed Protestantism

Full text resources
A data bank containing complete texts makes the accession to confessional and synodal documents, periodicals and other important literature on Reformed Protestantism possible. Also a first general idea of the literature available as full texts can be obtained by consulting a list of titles and authors.

Original documents/texts from the 16th. century
The collection of books that belonged to the theologian and humanist Albert Ritzaeus Hardenberg (1510-1574) is the only private scholar's library preserved from the middle of the 16th. century in Northwestern Germany.

Here you can find a compilation of titles of books and periodicals on Reformed Protestantism: in addition to an overall view of basic literature, lists of recent publications regularly appear, also the new acquisitions of the Johannes a Lasco Library Emden, the Special Library for Reformed Protestantism.

A data bank makes addresses and statistical information about libraries and archives containing important Reformed Protestantism collections accessible.

Links lead to those sites in the world wide web which offer further important information about Reformed Protestantism, above all catalogues and text collections.