reformed online is a global internet information service and a platform for communication. reformed online welcomes Reformed Protestants worldwide to use its comprehensive and reliable collection. Its statistical data, texts and documents are aimed both at Reformed churches and at all those who are interested, and intendeded to contribute to research and teaching. A further education programme will complete the service. reformed online will bridge the gap to Christians living in poorer countries.

reformed online will collect, collate and publish information for and about Reformed Protestantism worldwide. Reformed online will help to further knowledge about reformed Protestantism.

We are building a network of correspondents around the world to help collect data. Interpreters will make available all data in German, English, French and Spanish.

Special quality

reformed online will make all its information available in databases. These databases, and their specially programmed search engines, will make it easy to use the information system. Users with special interest may be served individually and quickly. Thus the platform reformed online is up to date and will develop to be the most visited communication platform of Reformed Protestantism worldwide today and tomorrow.

We make use of a modern high-tech system to organise all documents in pdf-format. They are saved in fulltext and can be searched for any phrase. The output does not differ from the printed version in order to use documents for scientific research. Our partners throughout the world may fill the databases.

Our partners

Johannes a Lasco Library foundation Great Church Emden /Germany (Jalb) runs the project. Jalb is the official web publisher of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches in Geneva (WARC). John Knox International Reformed Centre, Jean-Jacques Bauswein and Lucas Vischer, who published "The Reformed Family Worldwide", have agreed to publish a second edition of the book in the reformed online network.

Our services

We are offering our web services to Reformed Churches, their institutions, schools and libraries. We will develop your web appearance, your web design or act as your web publisher.

Order our list of references.

Contact us

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Regarding liability we call to your attention the following:

reformed online does not accept any responsibility for the correctness and completeness of the information. It is not liable for damages, especially if caused by incorrect or inaccurate information or by the unlawful use thereof.

If links refer to servers outside the reformed online computer it follows that reformiert online is not responsible for their content.